J. Michael Redd

J. Michael Redd

Mike Redd, an engineer by training, usually lands in the turbulent space-time zone between theory and reality known as a “Chaos Rodeo.” As a semi-pro on the circuit, Mike is trying to win a big silver belt-buckle in the Turbulent Zone Bareback Event.  Mr. Redd has also been a rider-wrangler for the following brands:

15 Bytes. An online arts magazine.  See: www.15bytes.com.  Mike helps the founder-builder, Shawn Rossiter, roundup the thoughtful, the creative, the interesting, the curious and the good, and present their story-images.

H+H. A company that helps small to mid-size construction companies achieve desired outcomes, and on a Performance-Outcomes basis.  H+H only gets paid when agreed upon, quantifiable and auditable results are achieved.

Silver Eagle Oil.  In 2009, Silver Eagle’s Woods Cross, Utah Refinery had two very serious accidents .  After the second accident, the refinery was idled, the neighbors angry, and the regulators stressed.  The owners invited Mr. Redd into the turbulent zone, and asked him to wrangle a change in the company culture, help repair the damage, re-build trust with the neighbors, and re-start the refinery.

​Access Software.  A developer of computer games, including the award-winning LINKS Golf. This business was sold to MicroSoft.

As you might guess from the above, Mike is an integrally informed complex adaptive systems master.  He also has a passion for construction, urban planning and integral community. Mike is a member of the SLCN Facilitation Council.